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We offer cheap and longlasting data, airtime, cable TV subscriptions (DSTV, GOTV, & STARTTIMES) and Electricity bill payments.

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Modern features that make us unique

We Are Automated

Our data delivery and wallet funding is automated, airtime top-up and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly.

We Are Reliable

Subpadi.COM is a fully optimized platform for reliability and dependability. You get 100% value for any transaction you carry with us.

24/7 Support

Our customers are premium to us, hence satisfying them is our topmost priority. Our customer service is just a click away.


Your e-wallet is the safest, easiest and fastest means of carrying out transactions with us. Your funds are secured with your e-wallet PIN and can be kept for you for as long as you want.

Plan Size Smart user Vadidity
40.0MB ₦50 1 day
100.0MB ₦99 1 Day(direct)
500.0MB ₦120 30 days (SME)
500.0MB ₦125 30days CG
1.0GB ₦240 30 days (SME)
1.0GB ₦249 30 days CG
1.0GB ₦299 1 day
2.0GB ₦480 30 days(SME)
750.0MB ₦490 7-days(weekly)
2.5GB ₦490 2 days
2.0GB ₦498 30days CG
3.0GB ₦720 30 days(SME)
3.0GB ₦747 30days CG
1.5GB ₦1170 30 Days
2.0GB ₦1175 30
5.0GB ₦1200 30 days {Sme}
5.0GB ₦1245 30days CG
3.0GB ₦1470 30
4.5GB ₦2170 30
10.0GB ₦2400 30 days(SME)
6.0GB ₦2450 30
10.0GB ₦2490 30days CG
10.0GB ₦2980 30days Gifting
20.0GB ₦5160 1MONTH (CG)
40.0GB ₦9800 30 Days Gifting
40.0GB ₦9960 30days CG
75.0GB ₦14800 30 Days Gifting
120.0GB ₦19800 30 Days Gifting

Plan Size Smart user Vadidity
500.0MB ₦150 1Month Cg
1.0GB ₦299 1Month Cg
1.05GB ₦480 14 days 800mbday+550mb nite=1.
2.0GB ₦598 1Month Cg
3.0GB ₦897 1Month Cg
3.9GB ₦950 30days 1.9gbday + 2gbnite=3.9g
7.5GB ₦1450 30days 3.5gbday + 4gbnite=7.5g
5.0GB ₦1495 1Month Cg
9.2GB ₦1950 30days 5.2gbday + 4gbnite=9.2g
10.8GB ₦2450 30days 6.8gday +4gbnite=10.8g
14.0GB ₦2900 30days 10gday +4gbnite=14gb
10.0GB ₦2990 1Month Cg
18.0GB ₦3900 30days 14gday +4gbnite=18gb
24.0GB ₦4850 30days 20gday +4gbnite=24gb
29.5GB ₦7800 30days 27gday +2gbnite=29gb
50.0GB ₦9750 30 days
93.0GB ₦13900 30days
119.0GB ₦17200 30days
138.0GB ₦19200 30 days

Plan Size Smart user Vadidity
1.0GB ₦320 30Days {Sme}
500.0MB ₦465 30 days{Gifting}
1.5GB ₦480 30days {Sme}
500.0MB ₦495 30days
2.0GB ₦640 30days {Sme}
1.5GB ₦950 30 days Instant{Gifting}
3.0GB ₦960 30days {Sme}
2.0GB ₦1150 30 days{Gifting}
3.0GB ₦1440 30 days{Gifting}
5.0GB ₦1600 30 Days
4.5GB ₦1900 30 days{Gifting}
10.0GB ₦3200 30days {Sme}
11.0GB ₦3840 30 days{Gifting}
15.0GB ₦4800 30 days{Gifting}
40.0GB ₦9300 30 days{Gifting}
75.0GB ₦13950 30 days{Gifting}

Plan Size Smart user Vadidity
500.0MB ₦148 1 Month
1.0GB ₦295 1month CG
2.0GB ₦590 1 month CG
5.0GB ₦1475 1month CG
10.0GB ₦2950 30days CG
10.0GB ₦3100 30days Gifting
15.0GB ₦4940 30days Gifting
20.0GB ₦4950 30days Gifting
20.0GB ₦5900 30days CG
40.0GB ₦9800 30 Days Gifting
75.0GB ₦14800 30 Days Gifting
120.0GB ₦19800 30 Days Gifting


About US

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to employing cutting edge technological solutions to provide fast and ultra modern telecommunications services that makes life and business faster and easier,offering transmission services that span various categories including Noble Data, cable sub, electric bill, Airtime(vtu), phones and much more.Our range of services are designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with the resell process; We are optimistic about entrepreneurs and students having provided Zero capital business solutions that allows them to start Telecommunications business without capital or paying a dime.As we continue to expand the Platform, our scope of offerings will increase in variety, simplicity and convenience; join us and enjoy the increasing benefits.

Premium Services

All the services we offer our great customers.


Making online recharge cheap and easy to buy at all time of the day.


Subpadi is making online recharge has become very easy and safe.


Instant Activation of Cable subscription with favourable discount.


Start Enjoyin this very low rates utility bill payment for your electricity.


Making online reacharge cheap and easy to buy at all time of the day


Instant Activation of Cable subscription with favourable discount.

Popular Questions

1. Login into your account
2. If not click here to register
3. After log in click fund my account
4. Select Coupon payment

MTN-> *461*4#
9mobile[SME]-> *229*9#
9mobile[Gifting]-> *228#
Airtel-> *140#
Glo-> *127*0#.

You can fund your wallet using any of our Four payment means:
Bank payment.
Online Payment with your ATM card details via Pay stack Payment Gateway.
Payment with airtime.
Payment with Coupon Code(s).

STEP 1: Fund your wallet.
STEP 2: Fill the data order form.
STEP 3: Wait for 1-15 minutes, the recipient will receive notification(s) of data recharge(Except for 9mobile(SME), which should be confirmed with its balance code).

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